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What’s happening in Central Jersey: Dec. 21 and later

December 20, 2015 | Brad Wadlow | | Article.pdf


Nonprofit to partner with church

Community Options Inc., a national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing housing and employment support to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, will partner with Hillsborough Presbyterian Church in Hillsborough.

“I believe this relationship will create new meaningful activities and opportunities for our program participants,” said Andrew Park, managing director of Community Options Enterprises, in a prepared statement.

At the Hillsborough Journey Program, Community Options’ program participants will be involved with regular church activities like organizing books, add/removing content on the bulletin board, taking care of the community garden and arranging letters on their letter board. Program participants will also be involved in the outside community, as they will serve food to the homeless on the fifth Friday of every month as well as run a bake sale with proceeds going to the charities of the program participants’ choice.

“The Hillsborough Presbyterian Church takes seriously the commandment to ‘love our neighbors,’ and we’re dedicated to serving our community in this spirit. Whether providing fresh produce from our Community Garden to the food bank or preparing meals for Samaritan Homeless Interim Program, HPC members are putting this love in action,” said the Rev. Dawn Adamy of the Hillsborough Presbyterian Church in a prepared statement.

“We believe our partnership with Community Options is a great way to further this mission. I’ve seen for myself how Com Op program participants enjoy serving and doing things for others, so it makes sense for us to partner with them — it’s a win-win. In this year when our township is focusing on gratitude, we are so thankful to be working with our new friends from Community Options and look forward to discovering new ways to work and serve together.”

The church is four miles away from Community Options’ current location in Hillsborough, allowing transportation in the morning and afternoon to remain seamless and convenient.

Community Options is partnering with the Rev. Dawn Adamy and the Hillsborough Presbyterian Church.

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