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Young Connecticut Hero to Run in Cupid's Chase 5K

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Published on 02/09/2012

Cait with her mother, Mary

Cait with her mother, Mary

When Cait was young she was very active and as a result, her family was active as well. She rode her bike everywhere and when she was nine, she even hiked up Mount Washington with her parents and two brothers.

At age twelve, Cait began struggling with many things in life and developed severe anxiety and learned she had selective mutism. Cait also has Autism. After starting medication to help her concentrate, she also began to gain weight quickly. As a result of the weight gain, Cait became less active and started spending a lot more time on her computer. Her interests quickly became Chinese buffets and baked goods.

Last year, Cait had the opportunity to meet her heroine, Temple Grandin. Cait listened to Dr. Grandin speak about problems with Autism and inactivity. Cait spoke to Dr. Grandin personally and was encouraged to follow her dreams and work hard at what she was good at and enjoyed doing.

Cait’s mom, Mary, is a Registered Nurse and health enthusiast so when Cait agreed to start running with her, Mary was shocked. “I originally got her to agree to begin running by promising her wonton soup after we reached each mile,” says Mary. Cait did reach that mile and absolutely reminded her mom about their wonton soup agreement.

Cait and Mary kept running and quickly one mile turned into a mile and a half and then two miles, etc. Mary noticed that Cait seemed relaxed and happy after she ran and she began losing weight and most importantly, she was smiling more.

Cait set a goal to run a 5K. Cait picked the Cupid’s Chase 5K Run hosted by Community Options, taking place on Saturday, February 11, 2012 because she loves hearts and the color pink. Community Options is a national nonprofit organization that develops homes and employment for people with developmental disabilities.

When asked how she was feeling about the Cupid’s Chase this weekend, Cait said, “I feel good and excited about, I knew I could do it and I am doing it!”

Cait not only has support from her mom but her teachers and peers as well. There are a lot of people helping her to reach her goals for graduation, post-graduation and life. Cait has even inspired her teacher to start running as well.

Cait will not stop at the Cupid’s Chase 5K. Cait indicated she would continue to run because it makes her feel less anxious. She also loves trying on new clothes and has a goal of taking a trip to bike at Acadia National Park. No doubt about it, Cait has an amazing future ahead of her. “Words cannot describe how proud I am of Cait. She is my inspiration every day of my life,” says Mary.

Come out to run with Cait and Mary this Saturday at Bushnell Park at 10am. Lt. Governor Wyman will be delivering a welcome speech at 9:45am prior to the start of the run. For more information, please visit